Letter from Our Pastor

Senior Pastor James Bergquist

Have you ever asked God to forgive you of something, confessing your wrongdoing and still felt guilty? Sometimes the problem is that we can't forgive ourselves and so we go into a self-punishing mode and fall into depression. When we don't forgive ourselves of something we may have said in the past or something that we done that may have caused others to sin or get into some kind of trouble  or whatever it may be, we eventually build a prison of guilt because our offense seems unforgivable. Well according to the Bible, our Father freely bestows forgiveness on the basis of His son's payment of our sin debt so is our refusal to forgive ourselves a way of saying that we consider Christ's sacrifice insufficient? Peter who denied Christ and Paul who persecuted Christians both regretted their actions and received God's forgiveness and lived in the freedom of His Grace. To be free of an unforgiving spirit towards ourselves, we must realize that it's the result of self-focus. Instead of believing the truth of God's forgiveness, we've been relying on our own feelings and making them superior to God's word. It's time to humble ourselves and place trust in God and not our feelings.