Letter from Our Pastor

Senior Pastor James Bergquist

As we begin a New Year, we make all kinds of resolutions don't we? We're going to exercise more, get out of debt, stick to a budget, stop smoking, save for the future, spend more time with Family. For most people our resolutions tend to revolve around the same three poles which are Money, Health and Family and that's okay but when we think about it, shouldn't our 1st resolution be to make God our first priority? After all it is God that gave us Money, Health and Family isn't it? When we look what we have and can do, shouldn't God be 1st or at the very least be included in out plan? So when we sit down and plan our resolutions for the New Year, may we all realize that all we have and can do come s from the very one who should be first above and beyond anyone or anything else because everything and everyone we are Blessed with, Money, Health and Family comes from Him. Besides, when we put God number 1 in out priorities, things in our life seem to go a lot smoother.